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Session 1: Purpose and Direction

Session 2: From Victim to Master

Session 3: Deepening Your Love and Fulfillment

Session 4: Learn how the World Really Works 

Bonus Session: Understand How you Influence the World

Session 5:  Break the Habit of Old Thinking

Session 6: The Breakthrough Experience

Session 7: Implementing and Refining

Session 8: The new you! Celebrating who I am!

Session 9: Dissecting Your Psychology

Session 10: Rebuilding Your Psychology

Session 11: Bulletproof Psychology

Session 12: Leaving a Legacy

Group Calls

Life Coaching and Ethics

Feedback, Testimonial and Referral 

Bonus on Leaning into Fear

Concentration Bonus: Brain Harmony Music

Mindful Bonus: Meditation

Wisdom Bonus: Best Books

Empower Bonus: Power Songs